Gualala Pizza & Bakery

Sundstrom Mall, Gualala, California
Eat in or Take Out

We specialize in pizza, sandwiches, desserts, pastries,
ice cream, coffee, and a wide variety of Mexican dishes.


We have free WiFi for Our Guests,
but we do not have Email.

The best way to contact us is by phone: (707) 884- 4055.

We are easy to find because we are in the Sundstrom Mall
just off of Highway One in the very center of Gualala.

map of Gualala

Plenty of convenient free parking!

Gualala Pizza & Bakery

All of our pizzas, sandwiches, Mexican dishes,
pastries and desserts are made from scratch!


Pizza ------ Sandwiches ------- Mexican ---------- Desserts

Contact Us & Directions------Special Order Pies

Open daily 6 am until 7 pm, Sunday till 6 pm.

Call ahead for take out: (707) 884-4055